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MITOS is a fashion brand of Alpaca garments in Royal and Baby Alpaca with peruvian roots. We are a highly international company. Our products have received appreciatation in most demanding fashion markets. Royal and Baby Alpaca combine the softness of cashmere with the warmth of sheep wool. Our product range covers: sweaters, hats, scarfs, pashminas, stoles and throws. All in Alpaca. Inform yourself about our alpaca sweaters, alpaca scarves, alpaca throws and plaids and about wholesale opportunities. Alpaca Fashion and alpaca clothing at its best. We sell to everywhere.


A myth comes true

....a divine sensation.



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Seasons Inspiration


Natural, Pure...Softness. These are the qualities of the new season´s collection. It incluedes the finest and most precious fibres on earth.


Imagine a natural garment as soft as cashmere and luminous in appearance. Ultra-leightweigth yarns, which maintain their new appearance for a long time.


A garment with unique thermal qualities that provide perfect protection in summer as well as in winter.


We found these fibres in South America. Our collection ranges from Vicuna, world´s finest fibre to Alpaca.





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Alpacas live in the Andes of South America, mainly in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. In Peru the population is between 3.5 to 4 million Alpacas, representing 75% of the world´s population. Alpacas live between 3500 and 4500 meters and have to resist different climates, but nature protected it with a soft,warm fleece.

In contrast to Cashmere, Angora or Mohair, Alpaca is still commonly unknown as exclusive luxury fiber. Especially Cashmere becomes is nearly everywhere available in all quality and price segments. In exclusive fashion markets such as the USA, Japan and Italy Alpaca sweaters are appreciated for their natural all round functions and are rising in popularity.

Finally, how can Alpaca be classified?

Alpaca is one of the most exclusive and flexible luxury fibers worldwide!

Alpaca Sweaters




Alpaca offers a higher comfort level! Not only fiber average is essential for the comfort level but also fiber length. Baby Alpaca obtains with 22,5 micron fiber average and up to 400mm fiber length better results as Cashmere with 15-19 microns and up to 90mm fiber length.

The length of the fiber is also important for the strength and elasticity of the garment, which make it last longer as other luxury fibers. Alpaca has a reduced tendency to felt. Due to its natural glance, garments made out of Alpaca remain a new appearance for a long time. Very enjoyable is the fact that Alpaca wool is very light in comparison to other fibers such as e.g. sheep wool.



Properties of Alpaca wool and other luxury fibers 






Fiber average (Micron)

Fiber length (mm)


10 bis 12

15 bis 40


11 bis 15

25 bis 50


13 bis 17

35 bis 50


15 bis 19

25 bis 90


16 bis 80

40 bis 120


18 bis 40

75 bis 400

Merino wool

12 bis 22

50 bis 60


18 bis 24

30 bis 60


18 bis 26

29 bis 120


19 bis 21

30 bis 50


24 bis 40

75 bis 100


A garment made out of 100% Alpaca is a natural product. Its low level of lanolin in the fiber prevents itchiness and is recommended for allergic persons.

The Alpaca fiber has special thermal properties. Alpaca is a thermal insulator and absorbs ambient humidity, thus affording greater protection and comfort in a variety of climates.
Alpaca sweaters are therefore practical for summer and winter.

The worldwide production of Alpaca wool is significantly lower than that of Cashmere. These factors are making Alpaca so exclusive.

A unique fiber, a unique product.




Alpaca Wool

Differences between Alpaca fibers


Alpaca is mainly classified as follows:

  • Royal Alpaca - finer than 19 microns
  • Baby Alpaca - 22,5 microns
  • Superfine Alpaca - 25,5 microns